There are two main types of suspended ceiling, M/F ceilings (metal frame) or Suspended grid and tile ceilings.  They are very different aesthetically but serve the same purpose.

M/ F Ceilings

This is a ceiling which is suspended using a metal frame and usually boarded with various types of plasterboard, fireline or soundblock boards.

These different types of specialist plasterboard enable the ceiling to give various different fire ratings and dB ratings. M/F Ceilings can also be used to construct different types of bulkheads for design features within a building which can be shaped In virtually any shape or size.

Suspended Ceilings

Grid ceiling have one main advantage over M/F which is this type of ceiling is easily assessable for services above.

Grid ceilings can also give various different types of fire protection; can also be used in cinemas for acoustics, in hospitals for hygiene, in clean rooms for minimal dust.

The tiles come in various sizes 600x600mm being the most common; they also come in various finishes e.g. Mineral fibre, Timber veneer or plasterboard wipe able.